The Marche Manufacturing Cluster Association participates in the national cluster “Fabbrica Intelligente” (Smart Manufacturing).

The national technological clusters are active instruments created by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, (MIUR). They coordinate and manage national and international projects; they spread the developing policy of local enterprises; they maintain a direct contact with local administration.

The MIUR gave a particular importance to the development of clusters, because they encourage an economic and sustainable growth of local and national territories.

The MIUR chose nine different strategic areas for national technological development, gave more than 400 Million Euro distributed with a grant in the half of 2012. The purpose of this loan is to create or foster national clusters in the several strategically areas mentioned above.

After that grant, 8 national associations were born, according to the Regions who participate to the program. These regions accepted this new program and subscribed a specific agreement, based on the art.13 DM n.593/00 SS.MM.II.
In particular, Marche's Region subscribes two different clusters: Fabbrica Intelligente (FI) and Smart Living Technologies.

National Clusters' technological areas (Image from Position Paper CTN)

Fabbrica Intelligente was born in September 2012 as an unincorporated association, according to the art.36 CC E Seg.

This Cluster promotes innovation and specialization of manufacturing national systems, in different levels, such as production, organization and distribution.

It will achieve these objectives through the development and the application of new technologies for the productive process (for example the robotics, virtual prototyping, new materials and innovative systems, digital technologies).
The cluster involves different regions, for example Marche, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte; they take part to the project with a large number of actors who represent the national excellence in the fields of research and manufacturing production.

Fabbrica Intelligente started 4 different research projects, with a total amount of 48 Million Euro, with the aim to study, realize and use innovative technologies for a sustainable manufacturing, which is one of the goals of Horizon 2020.
The 4 projects are:

Sustainable Manufacturing
ADAPTIVE - a modular and adaptive approach to digital factory;
High performance manufacturing

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