Manufacturing materials - Composite materials and carbon fiber
Via F. Turati, 12/A
61032 Fano (PU)
Phone: +39 0721.1797790
Fax: +39 0721.1797792

The facility where LinseT is operating was born in Fano in 2001 as research and development center of the Benetti shipyard; as such, Linset has worked in the past with engineering firms, professional studios and with various manufacturers of materials, plants and equipment processes. Since 2010 the laboratory was taken over by a new company structure: the president is Eng. Paolo Francia and the partners are leading players in various industrial sectors. The objective of the technology center Linset is to put at the disposal of companies a tool to better understand and better employ materials and processes in an increasingly competitive market in which are fundamental development and product innovations, waste reduction, minimization of risks and ergonomics of production processes. The engineering and testing activities carried out by Linset are indispensable to achieve the optimization and development of processes and materials for various industrial sectors, for the marine industry, and also for composite manufacturers and product end users (adhesives, sealants, coats, floors, waterproofing).

Linset Guarantees:

  • Experimental knowledge of materials
  • Testing and certification of the performance of materials in respect of the design and production requirements
  • Verification and optimization of production processes and application practices
  • Design and testing of innovative techniques
  • Training of professional resources – thanks to the experiences and informations gained from our own and our network activities
  • Advice on appropriate safety practices for the use of materials and application systems