Solutions for industrial automation
Creation Date: 2016
via Fonte, 18
60030 Serra de' Conti (Ancona)
Phone: 3491905095

Joytek is a company that provides products, services and solutions with a high added value in the industrial automation market.
Its activity ranges from feasibility analysis, to the realization of specifications, to the development of the solution, to testing, installation, training and after-sales services.

One of its main strengths is the important expertise in software, where it operates on all the main automation technologies (PLC programming, PC based programming, robot programming, vision algorithms, and more) and where it continues to investing and growing. We are investing in an important new headquarters in Monsano where we are also setting up a fully interconnected research and development laboratory according to the 4.0 paradigm that combines the following needs:

  • A space to do research on new technologies and new projects

  • A space where we need the growth and training of our employees

  • A space where you can realize realistic and concrete feasibility studies to show prototype solutions with short time and at reduced costs to our customers