Metalworking for furniture
Creation Date: 1955
via del Lavoro, 10
61029 Canavaccio di Urbino (PU)
Phone: 0722354036
Fax: 0722354029

Imar (Inox Mobili Arredamenti) was founded over 60 years ago as a small artisan workshop for the processing of bar counters.

We are a metalworking company that helps companies in the furniture and contract sector right from the design stages of the project.

The Imar Focus has always been to meet as much as possible the demands of its customers so as to be able to reduce their indirect costs. Those who rely on us know that we are certainly not the cheapest, but we keep the word given 100%.

In pursuing our mission, we have adopted a Charter of Values ​​in which the principles that guide the strategic choices of the company and the daily activities of all those who work and collaborate with it are established. Responsibility, Growth and Competence, Respect and Loyalty are the values ​​that determine Imar's way of doing business.

We keep these principles with all the Stakeholders: collaborators, customers, suppliers, partners, local communities.

This document shows the will to combine the principles of economic management with those of respect for the person and the environment in which we operate, for a sustainable development of the company, within a path of constant growth and accountability.

The focus is on continuous investments in technology and productivity, using today's state-of-the-art production management equipment and a state-of-the-art machine park: both traditional CO2 and optical fiber laser cutting lines with automatic sheet metal warehouse, plants made to measure for Imar, laser cutting line combined with fully automated punching up to the unloading of the single piece, state-of-the-art tube laser generated in fiber optics with both single pack and single tube loading system without interruption of production, automatic bending cell with anthropomorphic robot, fully automatic bending cell for panels up to 2x1,5 meters; all in an 8,000 square meter factory.

The company's goal is to create and maintain more and more sustainable jobs, just as it is investing in the "ilikeitalot" sector, the Imar e-commerce of furniture accessories completely designed and manufactured in-house, where people and team work is essential for the development of the project.

Today's investments are the foundation for what will be tomorrow.