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Lungomare Gramsci Nord Scn
63017 Porto San Giorgio (FM)

The San Giacomo della Marca Foundation is born from the desire of people and works to constitute a point of dialogue and cultural deepening of the vitality of a presence that the various social subjects place in the territory of the Marche region.

The riches of this social presence come to us from a living tradition that today offers us original life events in the various sectors of human expressiveness: from work, to business, from the third sector to culture, to art. Facts of life that included in their originality call for a subsidiary and supportive development in the social-institutional organization of local communities. Facts of life in which the ego inserted in a community context becomes an irreducible factor of positive construction that disputes any self-referential power that hinders development and freedom.

The Foundation is therefore a place where, amazed by these presences, the cultural and political implications of these experiences are observed and studied.