Costumer products - Shoe soles
Creation Date: 1976
Via S. Pertini 8, zona ind.le "A"
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 800111
Fax: +39 0733 897854

The company was born in a favourable territory, very receptive for producing accessories for shoes; especially soles, destined to be consumed and to tread dirty grounds. Today more than ever a sole represents the basic element of a shoe. It gives the shoe its shape, determines the style, that can be elegant, casual or sportive. Civitanova Marche, located in the heart of a “Silicon Valley” for shoe soles (we can call it “Soles Valley”) has seen a continuous and energetic growth of its children for thirty years, many employers, very serious people, completely dedicated to their jobs, without distractions, able to compete worldwide.

Eurosuole, in the person of its CEO, has characterised the soul of the industrial culture in the town, the diplomacy applied day by day, the philosophy of a profit that must be mainly reinvested in R&D, innovation. These are often very trendy concepts nowadays, but they have been used and applied in “Via Pertini” since the beginning. Human relationships are for sure the most important value. This means the absolute care for everybody who day and night has contributed to the company’s success. Employees can be Italian or foreign, here is the art of fair relationships, of highly respected agreements and contracts, the ability of keeping an environment where friendship is a great thing. Eurosuole, a concrete contribution to your success.