Production of energy systems with low environmental impact
Creation Date: 2013
Strada degli Olmi,18
61122 Pesaro (PU)
Phone: 072123072

Ergo Wind is a leading company in the production of low environmental impact energy systems that has always invested in research and development of new technologies in collaboration with TCS Energie - a successful company with thirty years of experience in the sector - and in collaboration with the University Polytechnic of the Marche and other important Italian and European production companies. The core business is represented by wind turbines of power from 20 kW to 60 kW, designed and produced in our Pesaro site. Thanks to the company's strategic choices, the turbines qualify among the best on the market for their quality / price ratio, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, durability and performance over time. Ergo Wind turbines are manufactured according to IEC 61400-2 standards and each mechanical and electromechanical component is made by qualified Italian and European companies. It therefore becomes possible to undertake the production of some parts of the turbine directly in the country of destination. The after-sales service is guaranteed and managed by the assistance centers and authorized technical maintenance centers located throughout the country. The research and development department of Ergo Wind is also developing several innovative storage systems combined with mechanical systems, very interesting for those rural areas where there is no continuity of current supply. The turbines in fact adapt perfectly also to the territorial areas where there is no availability of instruments for maintenance and installation of complex turbines, thanks to its collapsible tower technology that allows to perform all operations on the ground and without the use of cranes or baskets .

Ergo Wind ensures maximum transparency, which is why it is pleased to receive visits to its company plant to show the production of the turbines and the monitoring systems that allow you to view the statistical data of our turbines.