Roasting, pods, capsules.
Creation Date: 1989
60131 Ancona (Ancona)
Phone: 0712864598

The History of Coffee By Giampaolo began back in 1987 when Maurizio Di Giampaolo, founder of the company DGM Caffè, began to work to achieve his highest ambition: to transform a sip of coffee into happy amazement. The idea, constantly caressed by the love for the quality and authenticity of the aromas, infected the collaborators close to him, to the point of making the work a real shared passion. The years passed, the organization grew and the enthusiasm did the rest.

The bond between the customer and the company acquired a special value for us that allowed us to gather from all the diversity of ideas and tastes, to build and nurture together a project that has now become Di Giampaolo Caffè. The natural desire to compare and improve ourselves is the detail that has made Di Giampaolo Caffè a different company.

Because a journey made together is a journey that enriches the life of pure values; and to be able to tell, through our journey, the pursuit of excellence is the most satisfying goal, because it is here that we can now give us the emotion to sip together with all of you the result of so much passion: our coffee.