Creation Date: 07/03/2018
Piazza Garibaldi,5
60015 Falconara (AN)
Phone: 0712410311 srl is composed of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in business consulting.

The focus of the activity is based on the belief that it is possible to implement the competitiveness of our SMEs through aggregation processes or by favoring business networks or partnerships.

For this reason, Alto Valore is itself a network made up of a large number of selected consultants who, together, help entrepreneurs to face and resolve the complexity of the markets and the problems caused by globalization and international crises.

The main services offered are as follows:


It may happen that a company, during its life, is facing a period of difficulty. It is first necessary to rethink one's own strategies. - Economic and financial analysis - Strategic analysis and business plan - Extraordinary operations - Merger & Acquisition for restructuring - Solutions to obtain finance - Legal and corporate advice - Generational change - Temporary manager - Stress management techniques


The "state" of optimization is those companies that do not present economic / financial difficulties, but that have the potential to perform more. - Financial optimization - Optimization of the commercial organization - Optimization of production organization - Financial facilities - Advanced communication - Business climate and leadership - Advanced management control - Risk management and Legislative Decree 231/01 - Supply chain management - Generational change


A performing company that has optimized its resources, is in a state of static well-being. In this phase there is the need to make a further step forward. - Analysis of the strategic scenario - Merger & Acquisition - Business networks and clusters - Advanced internationalization - Strategic marketing and big data - Research & development - Private equity and venture capital - Stock prices - Mini bonds and advanced finance - Preparation of IPOs - European funds for advanced projects